Veggie Rap's Favorite Things


If you want to experience the true 'awesome sauce', you have to try what i believe is the best line of BBQ and Teriyaki sauces that I've every had... and they're ORGANIC, GLUTTEN FREE and NO ADDED SUGARS!  The sauces are made by a company called Organicville.  The sauces really bring out terrific flavors in your food.  I use the BBQ sauces as a dipping sauce or to lather onto chicken wings while grilling.  The Island Organic Teriyaki sauce I use as a marinade - my veggie and shrimp kebabs have never tasted better!  I'm also a big fan of their pasta sauces.  Definitely worth a trip to the grocery store!

I absolutely love Organicgirl products! Honestly, I first bought some SUPERGREENS about 2 months ago because I loved the packaging and I thought the name of the company was so incredible adorable!  However, when I started eating them I realized how fresh & delish they were.  I began using them not just as a base for my salad, but I started using them in my green drinks and smoothies!  I checked out the website and found that they sell many more varieties of greens and they are all great!  My favorite is the fresh herbs and greensand the i heart baby kale!!  Organicgirl is also a company who cares about the environment which makes them even more special!  Go checkout there website!  There is a store finder on the site so you can find out where you can go get some!!